Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sorry for the long period between blogs but things have been very hectic at my house. I have been taking care of children with running noses, dirty diapers, disinterest in eating, whining, etc. One day it was so stressful that all I wanted to do was cry but God somehow knows when we need Him the most and knows just how to brighten a day. It was a very cold and windy day and everything was going wrong. The grandchildren wouldn't behave or stop fighting, they didn't like anything I fixed them to eat, didn't want to share (you Mothers know what I mean). Just at the lowest point of the day my doorbell rang and there outside my door was a lady holding the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. They were sent by one of my daughter's friends and man oh man how they lifted my spirits on that cold and nasty day.

No one will know just how shocked and surprised I was and, I hate to admit it, but the tears started to flow. I couldn't help but think that just when we are at the lowest point in our lives God lets something wonderful happen - like the flowers. I think Wendy and J.T. must have known I needed some uplifting in my life.

Oh my don't you just love Fridays.

Yesterday was perfect . . . the weather was beautiful and warm so we were able to get outside and work off some of that energy. Kylie loves to take walks and especially likes to walk to the cemetery to see where her PaPa is resting until Jesus comes again. So, since the day was so pretty I loaded up Luke in the wagon, placed the little girlie in her car seat and situated it in the back of the wagon so it wouldn't slip out and then Miss Kylie and I pulled the wagon the few blocks to the cemetery. Talk about an adventure. They love to run through the wide open spaces and explore and then when time to go Kylie will tell PaPa goodbye and we start our walk back to the house.

Once back home they still wanted to play outside so we pulled out the swing and I hooked it in the tree. Kylie loved it and wanted to go higher and higher.

She would giggle and laugh the whole time screaming "higher, Lyly, higher". I have to tell you that when their mother got home both Luke and Kylie wanted to take turns swinging. Kylie was in the swing and her mother decided to give her a "double under" push. She was  going really high and all she could say was "oh my goodness, oh my goodness". She loved it.

While she was swinging our little man was playing in the cars. He first wanted to get into Norman's car, then into mine.

Sometimes I wonder what the fascination is with cars and the only thing I can figure out is  that he must think he is really big because he loves to pretend that he is driving.

There has been several times I have found paper stuffed into the slot for cassettes and had to use tweezers to get it out.

The baby just sits and watches all the craziness that goes on around her. I often wonder what she is thinking.

How often I have wondered what my life would be like without these children to keep me going. I have to say that God has blessed me in so many ways and I give thanks to Him every day for his goodness to me.

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