Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter Sunday started out to be very dreary and windy. It looked like rain most of the morning and I didn't want to rush to hide all the eggs and other things until I knew for sure it wouldn't rain and the kids were on their way to our home. Lucky for us the rain held off and we were able to do our hunt without any interruption due to the weather.

The children (and their parents) came straight from church so they were all dressed up in their little Easter clothes.

They got right into looking for all the hidden treasure.

From the looks of things Mom and Dad enjoyed playing with some of the toys the Easter bunny left as much as the kids did.

Don't you just love seeing children running and having a good time, I know I do (by the way, please excuse the wall behind by daughter - that is my neighbor's garage wall and I sure wish they would repair and paint it).

I even had time after everyone had eaten and left for the afternoon to admire my hollyhocks that had just started blooming. I couldn't help but think about our God who created this earth and some of the beautiful things He gave us - like the hollyhocks and (the reason we were celebrating today) Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

What a wonderful Lord and Savior we have.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saturday morning I met my daughter and the little man and big girlie at the church where they attend Mother's Day Out. They were having a huge Easter egg hunt along with a petting zoo, and bounce houses and the little ones really wanted to go. There was so many children and parents on this windy morning but it seems like everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Little ones have such a hard time waiting for something to start and my grandchildren were no exception.

There were so many children at the 10:30am egg hunt that no one was able to get very many eggs. However, I think just enough was snagged that way no one overdosed on candy.

Next it was off to the bounce house after the egg hunt and they loved it. Luke had a very hard time standing up but Kylie was really going after it.

Face painting was next on the agenda but only the little man would let them paint on his face.

Next it was the petting zoo.

Luke had to get right in and try to pick up some little chicks.

What a precious little goat and Luke loved it. Kylie not so much. She did, however, like the little rabbits that were hopping all around.

After a little love was shared between brother and sister it was off to home, lunch, and rest before heading out to the soft opening of Fred's (more on that later).

Next stop for me was home, rest and then off to church. They had asked for volunteers who would be willing to attend the service on Saturday evening (so there would be room for those who only attend at Easter) and I decided to go. My son, his girl friend, Amy, and her two boys met me there and the service was wonderful - very uplifting and just what we needed in this world today. The sanctuary was absolutely beautiful and my picture (taken with my cell phone) doesn't even begin to do it justice.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did. I will share pictures of the Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning at my house another day.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Sunday we were up early and drove to a small town not far from Mike and Jan's home so that we could catch the ferry into downtown Seattle. It had turned out to be a very cold, rainy and windy day but the ferry ride was worth every minute.

Some of the homes along the banks of the water were absolutely beautiful.

As we were nearing downtown Seattle the skyline came into view and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

When I knew I was going to Seattle I told Jan that the only thing I really wanted to do was to go to Pike Place Market. I heard always heard so much about it and was thrilled that we were able to spend a few hours walking through the Market.

I was totally enthralled by all the flowers. The colors, the beauty, the smells and watching the ladies putting together these gorgeous bouquets - WOW! I just couldn't take my eyes off of them. They made it look so easy.

 Old and young alike were busy adding, weaving and making some of the most colorful arrangements.

Then we came upon all the fruits and vegetables. What a display. I could have gladly bought one of everything. All I could think about was what a great time I would have planning a meal with all of these fresh foods.

Of course, there is the famous fish area where they throw the fish back and forth. This time they had a customer behind the counter trying her best to catch the fish and I think that on the fourth or fifth try she finally was able to hold on to it.

The last image of the day was a man playing some very mournful music as we departed.

I left the next day and was sad to leave my friend, Jan, and her wonderful husband, Mike. They are the most gracious hosts and I had a fantastic time. I told Jan that I could easily move to that part of the country. It is so lush with greenery and color; however, I wonder if I could take all the rain. Guess you would just have to get use to it and realize that it is what makes that area so lovely.

There is a saying my daughter use to quote when she was a little girl and I couldn't help but think about it as we flew out of Seattle heading home toward DFW - "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold." How true that is. Jan and I first met in the 70s, in Montrose, Colorado, but as life sometimes gets in the way we moved to different areas of the country and hadn't seen each other for 20ish years. We have kept in touch and as it always is with good friends . . . we didn't miss a beat. It was as if we lived across the street from each other and saw each other every day. Don't you just love that with good friends?

Friday, April 22, 2011


As we get ready to celebrate Easter let us not forget the real reason we are celebrating . . . Jesus Christ's resurrection. He shed His blood for us and died on the cross so that we could be saved. Jesus' death was an infinite payment for my sins. He paid the price so I would not have to. His resurrection from the dead proved that His death was sufficient to pay the penalty for my sins.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Oh glorious day!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Just returned from a marvelous trip to Seattle. My friend, Jan, was celebrating her 65th birthday and her husband, Mike, wanted to surprise her so he sent me a ticket to come up to visit, see the kids and just kick back for the weekend. Jan and her family moved to Montrose, CO the same year that we did and since our boys were the same age and in the same classroom at school they became friends, then we became friends and even though we haven't seen each other in years and years we have kept in touch. I had never been to Seattle and was really looking forward to seeing that part of the US.

We arrived on Friday afternoon to a cold and rainy day so since they live about an hour south of Seattle we decided to stop by their house in Tacoma (they just sold it) and then drive on to Allyn, stop and eat Mexican food and then head to their home on Treasure Island.

Saturday morning started out to be a little cloudy and cold but the beauty of the morning sunrise across the Puget Sound was breathtaking.

Look closely and you can see a little dot on the water. That is a gentleman on his boat. I think that he must have been checking his nets further down stream.

As the day went on the sun came out and even though it was chilly it was a beautiful day.

Loved, loved all her little yard art.

The trees were just starting to show their flowers and color. There were pink and white trees all over the area. Everyday I said I was going to stop and take a picture of some but just never seem to get around to it.

Beautiful flowers were everywhere in their yard.

Mike had also sent a ticket to another of Jan's friends who lives in Rogers, Arkansas (but was raised in Amarillo, TX) so Jan was surrounded by her Texas friends.

After pictures were taken we drove to Seattle to meet Jan's children and their spouses and Mike's 4 children and their spouses for a "grown up" dinner. I hadn't seen Jan's kids for over 25 years and was thrilled to be able to spend a few hours with them. Erin and Steve have changed so much and, yet, not at all.

Erin is adorable and so is her children and husband. She is just a grown-up version of the girl that I knew in Montrose.

Steve on the other hand is totally changed. Gone is his blonde, straight hair and in its place is his long, curly hair (and he says mostly grey). He still has that adorable sense of humor that I loved so much.

The restaurant was amazing and the views from the large glass windows were of the downtown Seattle and the ferries coming and going.

What a glorious sight it was to see the city of Seattle at night (I know my camera doesn't take great nighttime pictures) and it was a wonderful way to end the day. I have more pictures of the rest of my trip but that is for another time.

Have a great weekend.