Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saturday morning I met my daughter and the little man and big girlie at the church where they attend Mother's Day Out. They were having a huge Easter egg hunt along with a petting zoo, and bounce houses and the little ones really wanted to go. There was so many children and parents on this windy morning but it seems like everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Little ones have such a hard time waiting for something to start and my grandchildren were no exception.

There were so many children at the 10:30am egg hunt that no one was able to get very many eggs. However, I think just enough was snagged that way no one overdosed on candy.

Next it was off to the bounce house after the egg hunt and they loved it. Luke had a very hard time standing up but Kylie was really going after it.

Face painting was next on the agenda but only the little man would let them paint on his face.

Next it was the petting zoo.

Luke had to get right in and try to pick up some little chicks.

What a precious little goat and Luke loved it. Kylie not so much. She did, however, like the little rabbits that were hopping all around.

After a little love was shared between brother and sister it was off to home, lunch, and rest before heading out to the soft opening of Fred's (more on that later).

Next stop for me was home, rest and then off to church. They had asked for volunteers who would be willing to attend the service on Saturday evening (so there would be room for those who only attend at Easter) and I decided to go. My son, his girl friend, Amy, and her two boys met me there and the service was wonderful - very uplifting and just what we needed in this world today. The sanctuary was absolutely beautiful and my picture (taken with my cell phone) doesn't even begin to do it justice.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as we did. I will share pictures of the Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning at my house another day.

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