Friday, April 29, 2011


Easter Sunday started out to be very dreary and windy. It looked like rain most of the morning and I didn't want to rush to hide all the eggs and other things until I knew for sure it wouldn't rain and the kids were on their way to our home. Lucky for us the rain held off and we were able to do our hunt without any interruption due to the weather.

The children (and their parents) came straight from church so they were all dressed up in their little Easter clothes.

They got right into looking for all the hidden treasure.

From the looks of things Mom and Dad enjoyed playing with some of the toys the Easter bunny left as much as the kids did.

Don't you just love seeing children running and having a good time, I know I do (by the way, please excuse the wall behind by daughter - that is my neighbor's garage wall and I sure wish they would repair and paint it).

I even had time after everyone had eaten and left for the afternoon to admire my hollyhocks that had just started blooming. I couldn't help but think about our God who created this earth and some of the beautiful things He gave us - like the hollyhocks and (the reason we were celebrating today) Jesus who died on the cross for our sins.

What a wonderful Lord and Savior we have.

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