Monday, May 9, 2011


I am sure that every parent and grandparent knows of or has heard of Bob and Larry of Veggie Tales. My grandchildren love to watch their DVDs and, I hope, learn something about the goodness of God and how we should obey Him and treat others. Well, a few weeks ago, I heard that on the 30th of April Bob and Larry were coming to Lifeway Christian Bookstore and, of course, they had to go seen them.

For a whole week our Big Girlie has been asking if it was time to go. Finally the big day had arrived. So on Saturday I met them, along with some of the parents and their children from a Small Group that my daughter and son-in-law attend, and stood in line to be one of the first to see (and possibly hug) Bob and Larry.

The excitement was building as the children could see them from a distance. They could hardly wait.

The closer we got to the front of the line the more the little girls, Kylie and Katie, did not want to get up close and personal with Bob and Larry.

But true to form the little man could hardly contain himself. He was climbing their friend's arm trying to get a better look at his heroes.

It is a good thing that Theresa is not only tall but strong. Luke was all over her. While the girls were being very proper standing in line with their purses and ignoring Kylie's brother and all the excitement surrounding them.

Finally, it was our turn and, of course, being a normal child, Luke decided he didn't want to get very close to them. You can see he didn't want his mommy to be very far away.

Our turn was over and as we were leaving Miss Kylie decided to cry because she wanted to "see Bob and Larry" so as luck would have it some of their friends were about to have their visit with our heroes so I took Kylie back to go up with them - knowing full well that she would never, never go up with the Anderson girls. And I was right.

Dad (a detective with our police department) and his three girls were the only brave ones to venture into the area of Bob and Larry.

As we said goodbye to our vegetable heroes it was off to McDonald's for my daughter and her friends and children and I was off to run some errands. As I drove away I thought to myself that this was a wonderful way to spend the morning watching the children, with excitement in their eyes, have such fun with some of their favorite characters.

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