Friday, July 1, 2011


A few weeks ago I took the little ones down to see my mother and my brother for the day. My sister had taken off work for a few days and so they were able to spend sometime with her as well. In order to keep them entertained we decided to take them to a park in Cleburne. Of course, it is Texas and you would think that at this time of the year (early part of June) that the weather would be wonderful - a perfect Spring day - but alas we never had Spring this year. We went right from Winter into Summer.

We decided to go early in the day so it wouldn't be so hot - off we went. Three ladies, one in their 80s, one in their 60s and one in their 50s with three children, 3-1/2, 2 and 9 months. Crazy women.

Baby Wesley loved the swing. She just sits a laughs the whole time and what little hair she has stands straight up.

Great Aunt Kathy had to take a little break from swinging her. Wesley could swing for hours if someone had the time and energy to keep pushing.

Kylie loves the slide. She delights in trying each one out to see which one is the best and most fun.

She also loves to climb but this play ground toy was a little too much for her.

She was holding on for dear life.

The little man didn't want to leave the swings and was a little upset by the whole thing.


However, going down the slide a time or two seemed to satisfy him.

Of course, he saw his big sister climbing on the dinosaur and just had to follow suit. Notice the dirty face. Mother said that the minute he got to the play ground he started throwing the dirt in the air and naturally most of it landed on his darling little face. He is all boy.

Luke so wanted to touch the ducks but they just didn't want to cooperate. The minute he got close to them off they would waddle.

Other than the swing there wasn't much for the little one to do but to sit in the stroller, suck her paci and watch the big kids have fun.

On the way out of the park we had to stop so that Luke could have his picture made with his auntie and the buffalo. All in all it was a good way to spend the morning with the people you love.

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