Wednesday, July 6, 2011


This year I stayed at home on Memorial Day and worked around the house. However, my daughter, son-in-law and their children decided to go south of the Metroplex to spend the day with one of Erin's co-workers and some of their friends. Kylie told me that they were going to the forest - it seems like there are a lot of trees on the ranch property. They have a stock pond where the cows hangout and the children could play in the water.

There was also a 4-wheeler that Doug got to drive around and he took each child for a ride. Miss Kylie thinks she is so big pretending like she is driving it.

Here they come heading toward the mom and the camera.

Next it was the little man's turn to try it out.

All the little girls got to ride in the back of the other 4-wheeler while the boys were off on the other one.

Luke and Jessie decided to try and fit into a little tub, guess they were pretending to be swimming.

All the little ones enjoying their nice cold watermelon.

My daughter, Erin (on the right), and two of her little ones. Sure does look they are very hot on this spring/summer afternoon.

This is Melissa, one of Erin's high school friends and our baby Wesley.

Seems like a nice way to celebrate Memorial Day - with friends and family and a little trip out of town.

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