Monday, August 15, 2011


It was a very hot Texas day, 105 in the shade, and Lyly was in a hurry to get the grandchildren to swimming lessons about 35 minutes south of where she lived. First she had to drop off baby Wesley at her mother's house and then hurry back to Miss Shelly's for the start of the 5pm lessons. She pulled through the gate at Shelly's house, parked under a large shade tree, turned off the car, took the keys from the ignition, placed them in the cup holder beside her, and opened the driver's door. The door closed behind her and she turned to open the rear van door to let Kylie and Luke out of their car seats - the door was locked. She turned back to open the driver's side door so she could release the lock on the back door but much to her surprise and horror the door was locked also.

You have to understand that this was her daughter's car which she would keep anytime she had errands to do or needed to transport all three children to school, doctor appointments, etc. Lyly's car was different - any time you had all the doors locked, you removed the key from the ignition and opened the driver's side door that door would remain unlocked until you locked it again. Not this car.

Another family pulled up just as Lyly discovered all the doors were locked and her cell phone was locked inside too. The dad, Andrew, got out and asked if everything was okay and was told that the grandchilren were locked inside the hot car and she had no way of calling for help. He kindly let her use their cell phone to call 911. After what seemed like a hour (but was only about 15 -20 minutes), and a lot of prayers, the fire department showed up. They worked on trying to get the car unlocked but with two children, 4 years old and 2 years old, screaming and crying in the backseat, they decided it was time to break a window.

Thank the good Lord they were safe. Luke was the first one to be released and came immediately into my arms, hugging me tightly; however, one look at the huge fire truck that was there, he forgot about everything that had just happened. Kylie was brought out and held by one of the firemen and she too could only stare at the fire truck. You see their PaPa was a retired fireman and this was the first time they had seen a fire truck up close and personal.

After a drink of cold water they were ready to go into the pool for their lessons. It is amazing how fast children can bounce back from something so frightening; however, it took me much longer.

I have never experienced anything so scary in all my life and hope to never experience it again. Thank goodness for the help and support that the other parents gave to me and for the goodness of God who kept the children safe and unharmed during this mishap.

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