Monday, August 22, 2011


We have a longtime local favorite restaurant in Fort Worth called Fred's. It has been described as a complete dive. Its decor is very eclectic. It sports gold vinyl barstools with duct tape holding the seats together, plastic patio furniture and has what is likely the most charming patio area in Fort Worth, simply due to its completely unpretentious atmosphere that's both strappy sandal and flip-flop friendly. Fred's is named after the family dog, who belonged to the owner and chef Terry Chandler and just like the faithful companion, Fred's remains loyal to its patrons by refusing to adjust to the modern market surrounding it. Fred's has even been featured on Food Network's "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives". Everyone from doctors, executives, cowboys and rockers agree that Fred's has some of the best hamburgers around and love to sit on the patio in the evenings and listen to live music, eat their burgers and have their beer.

Well, like so many other restaurants in town, Fred's has decided to expand and has opened a second one called "Fred's North" and it is run by my son-in-law's brother-in-law, Quincy (Doug's sister, Melynda, is also helping out in addition to her full-time job). I was privileged a few months ago to be invited to the soft opening of Fred's North.

While it is located in a strip shopping center and the building is new they are trying to bring it down to the level of the original Fred's. Melynda even said that they will have the gold vinyl on seats and barstools in the near future.

Family and friends were invited to sample anything on the menu and enjoy the atmosphere - we were able to choose which time we wanted to attend and I decided on Saturday afternoon. Doug and Melynda's Dad and brother, Robert, would be there along with my daughter, Doug and the grandchildren.

Quincy has worked for Fred's for years and continues to, not only be co-owner of Fred's North, but oversees the operation at the original Fred's.

Miss Kylie calls him the "Q Man" and loves for Quincy to pick her up and show her some attention.

Doug's sister, Melynda, spoils the little ones like crazy.

Miss Wesley came all dolled up for her first outing at Fred's North.

As you can see she really wanted to get a taste of the chicken friend steak her daddy ordered. It was huge - two people could have made a meal out of it and had some left over to take home.

The little man was in awe of the decor and all the "wild" animal heads hanging around.

This is a picture of the Q Man back in the days he did the rodeo. A few years ago he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis so he has had to cutback on some of his activities.

With three little ones it is easier to have one adult and one child together, that way you can make sure they get enough to eat. I helped our little princess and my daughter took Miss Wesley, while daddy handled the little man.

It so happened that the day the soft opening was held it was also Robert's birthday so Melynda had a cake waiting to help in the celebration. Of course, Kylie could hardly wait to taste it.

Luke, on the other-hand, was wondering what that large drink was that Robert had ordered.

While Miss Wesley tried and tried to reach food from her daddy's plate.

I wish Quincy and Melynda God's blessings on their new adventure and plan on visiting again soon.

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