Friday, February 4, 2011


Norman has a niece who is so talented when it comes to decorating and budget shopping. She and her husband bought a beautiful home south of Fort Worth a few years ago and she has been doing some remodeling, decorating and filling the empty rooms with gorgeous furniture. The home is just right for them and their three daughters. They have approximately 6 acres of land and a large swimming pool in the backyard and those girls would live in that pool if their Mom would let them.

Isn't this a perfect yard for entertaining.

The people they purchased the house from did most of the landscaping. They actually built this retaining wall using bags of concrete that they wet down and as it hardened it made a great wall for keeping the dirt from collapsing. Clever idea.

During the Christmas holiday they invited me down for an evening of fun with Renee's sister, Tami, and their Mom, Diane. We noshed, watched a movie, talked and laughed. What a fun evening with the girls.

Renee had done so much more to their home since the last time I was there and I thoroughly enjoyed viewing each room. I think my favorite part of their house is the kitchen and living room. It opens into each other and I just love the open feeling it gives.

This table stands behind the sofa and separates the two rooms.

Love, love, love her collection of nutcrackers.

This wall of clocks is located in the eating area between the kitchen and living room. She said she picked up most of the clocks at either Ross, TJ Maxx or Home Goods. I really like that idea.

This precious table is located beside the backdoor and she told me she purchased it at Home Goods.

She had her mantle decorated so cute for Christmas and I love the hand with the finger pointing upwards. One of her daughters told me that the reason Renee bought this piece was because the finger was pointing to heaven. What a wonderful thought.

Their dining room is huge and Renee said that it is a work in progress. Since they love to entertain she wanted a table that would seat a lot of people. From what I could tell, I think this table "fits the bill."

These are two of my favorite pieces that Renee has in her home. They were left to her when her grandmother passed away. Renee told me that her grandparents brought these back with them when they visited the Holy Lands years ago.

I just love seeing how others decorate and it always give me such good ideas that someday I hope to do but never seem to get around to it. Thanks, Renee, for sharing your beautiful home with me.

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