Monday, February 7, 2011


Last week was the coldest week we have had in Texas in years and years. Not only did it rain, then freeze, it snowed 3-5 inches (depending on where you lived). The temperature never got out of the teens until Saturday. The roads were awful, school was out for four days and I am sure Mothers everywhere were going crazy. We are now awaiting round three of bad weather which is coming this way early Wednesday. The weatherman is predicting 2-4 inches of snow on top of some ice. Lovely!!!!

And to top it off, last Thursday was was my son's 43rd birthday so because of the bad weather we couldn't celebrate. I always hate when my children have to drive to and from work in this mess. My son said it took him two hours to drive home Thursday night (one hour longer than usual). Once he got home he decided to clear off his rather steep driveway. Well, he slipped on some ice that he couldn't remove, fell and broke his right ankle. He is now waiting to have surgery on Thursday. What a way to celebrate your birthday.

Anyway, a belated happy birthday to my son, Eric.

One more thought . . .

Have you ever had a "Mr. Big" in your life?

There wasn't much on TV this weekend so I ended up watching an old episode of "Sex and the City". It was the one about Carrie celebrating her birthday and her friends were busy and she and Mr. Big weren't seeing each other anymore (if you ever watched "Sex and the City" you know what I mean). This got me thinking, "how many of us have had a Mr. Big in our lives?" I can truthfully tell you that I had one and we ended up together just like Carrie and Mr. Big.

Carrie and Mr. Big

Several  years ago some of my y friends even mentioned this to me and, at the time, I laughed at them but now as I look back on that time in my life I realize that Norman and I really were doing the "Mr. Big" and "Carrie" thing. It took several years before he came around.

Isn't life funny.

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