Thursday, September 16, 2010


We are so glad to be at home and able to sleep in our own bed. We were hoping for a phone call today from the doctor regarding the appointment for a PET scan but we didn't hear anything. However, we are hopeful that we will hear something tomorrow.

This morning I picked up the little man and girlie and took them to school. They were so excited and could hardly wait to get to school so they could start playing with their little friends. After school was out I picked them up and brought them to our house to see their Papa for a few minutes. They could hardly wait to give him a big hug and even though Norman was so very tired he was really excited to see them. Seems like they have grown a foot since we have been with them last.

Everyone knows that if you live in Texas you just have to love football . . . it doesn't make any difference whether it is high school, college or professional you just have to love it. We both love football so for several years now we have gotten season tickets to our local university, TCU (4th ranked TCU). This weekend the Frogs are playing the Baylor Bears to a sold out crowd so I decided to take the girlie with me to the game. Naturally, she just had to have a little TCU cheerleader outfit so thanks to her Beejee (my mother) she now can go dressed in style.

Over the weekend the little man got a big boy's haircut and today was the first time we had seen him with his new "do". He looks so big now.

I just find it so amazing just how fast they grow . . . seems like you blink your eyes and they are big boys and girls. It's too bad we can keep them young a little longer.

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