Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The other day I had to return a dress to T J Maxx that I had purchased for the little girlie and decided to browse the aisles in the housewares department. You never know what little goodies await you. I didn't have anything in particular I was searching for or anything that I needed but I am always on the lookout for that "special" little something.

Anyway, I spotted some adorable lamps that I thought my son could use in his bedroom. I thought I could go back later in the week if he was interested. He was so I hurried back and, of course, they were gone. However, the same lamps were there in a tan color so I scooped them up before anyone else could spy them and hurried home with my bargains.

While they are a little modern for my taste, I knew they would fit perfectly in his room and they did. He loved them!

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