Wednesday, September 8, 2010


With the cool, crisp mornings we have had in the last week or so Fall can't be far behind. That means that our summer guest will be leaving, hopefully to return next year. We have enjoyed watching our little friend drink from the feeder and much to our surprise we have discovered not only do we have one but two hummingbirds that have brought us joy over these long, hot summer days.

I recently saw a book of poems written by Kristine O'Connell George entitled "Hummingbird Nest: A Journal of Poems" and thought I would share one with you.

"A spark, a glint, a glimpse of pixie tidbit. Bright flits, brisk zips, a green-gray blur, wings, zings and whrrr--

I just heard a humming of bird."

Last summer we had a bird feeder in the front flower bed so that we could watch the different birds stop to eat. This year we decided not to have one. We couldn't help but wonder if the birds remembered that we had one last year or just wanted a place to land to rest for a minute or two before flying on to their next stop because we had a great view watching some of them look around for food. One morning there was a darling little bird that decided to take a rest and I just had to snap a picture.

Isn't nature wonderful?

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