Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ART REACH 2011 . . .

Once a year, in March, our church holds an Art Reach and invites artists from our church and the community to exhibit their art. The members/attendees of our church are invited to view this artwork in the family room. This year there were over 100 artists who elected to show their artwork. I couldn't help but marvel at the talent that God has given to these individuals.

One of the local artist, Ron Cheek, was invited to be interviewed during the church service by our Senior Pastor, Ted Kitchens. He has done the most beautiful painting of the feet of Jesus as he hung from the cross. It was so life-like that it took my breath away. It made me realize all the pain and suffering that Jesus endured so that you and I could be saved. What love He has for us.

As I sat and listened to the interview I couldn't help but wonder how this would tie into a sermon and the Bible but I soon realized that the Bible talked about art and artists all through it. The first time was in Genesis 4:20-22 where it talked about forging all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron. The Bible also mentions agriculture, artistic expression, metal work, and fashion design.

  • Art should be as important to us as all other aspects of culture
  • We should use art to help facilitate worship
  • Christians should be missional with their artistic expression
  • God has called us to excellence within our gifts and skills
  • An artist is a Christian first - find life in Christ rather than in your work
  • Art is a powerful medium for testifying to who Christ really is
Art Reach is designed to encourage Christians to develop their skills and influence the culture. No matter what talent God has given you we should always remember to use that talent for the Lord.

Then I couldn't help but think that God was actually our first artist and that everytime we look at the beauty He created for us we need to remember to thank Him.

Remember that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." 
 Genesis 1:1.

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