Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring has finally arrived in North Texas and the trees are starting to bud and leaf out, flowers and herbs are being planted by neighbors and some are even getting their gardens ready for the planting season.

When I looked I could see that my holyhocks were starting to form buds and I can hardly wait to see the gorgeous blooms that appear.

Neighbor's columbines are in full bloom and seeing them makes me long for springtime in the rockies.

After a year of trying to entice the big girlie into going to the potty she has decided that maybe it is now time. She was just not interested before - not one little bit. We had purchased all kinds of potty seats - the one that fits over the big toilet, a regular potty chair and then (thanks to my mother) the potty chair that sings when you have gone to the bathroom. Nothing seemed to work.

Then a few months ago a miracle happened - she took an interest and is now well on her way to becoming a BIG girlie.

After seeing his sister use the potty, our little man has wanted to experience the joys of sitting on the potty so we have been letting him try it out. What a little man he is and, by the way, he turns turn two years old tomorrow (birthday party at Lyly's house Saturday. Lots to do to get ready.)

This little guy can always find joy and excitement in everything that he does.

While I have a hard time entertaining everyone during the day our little one is growing up so fast and loves just watching her brother and sister.

These are the moments of a grandparents day that makes it all worthwhile.

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Lisa's Pic's said...

Lynn, thank you for posting on my blog "I am in Awe". I re-read it again this morning and it brought fresh tears to my eyes. :-) Yes, I do need to write more. I experience SO much each week through Bible studies and my personal walk that at times I am overwhelmed with what to write...cause I could write and write and write. :-)
Your comment opened my eyes to how we continually need to encourage and lift one another up, and to have fellowship - even if it's over the computer. :-) You've encouraged me greatly sister!! I thank God for you!
I love all your photos on your blog...what dear precious memories.
Keep on lovin the Lord precious one, praise Him, and encourage others in their walk with Him - just as you have done to me - a complete stranger yet a dear sister in the Lord. I thank God for you!
Lisa Braun