Tuesday, December 7, 2010


After so many months of not keeping the grandchildren they where back to our house on Monday. I was so glad to have them back again and hope they are glad to be back. I asked our big girlie if something was missing and she said "yes, PaPa". When I asked her where PaPa was she informed me that "PaPa is in heaven with Jesus".

I think our big girlie and little man where excited to be having breakfast with LyLy and our little girlie was just glad to be in her swing.

It is a little daunting to have three children under three years old but I think I am up for the task. They are really good children and I am trying hard to find things to keep them busy . . . like having them help decorate the Christmas tree. My plans were for everyone to help out but Kylie fell asleep (seems like she didn't take a nap at Mother's Day Out) so it was up to the little man to help his Lyly. 

We didn't get too far today with the tree decorating so we will try again tomorrow. We also have a gingerbread house to put together along with a gingerbread train and some Christmas cookies to bake so we should be busy the rest of this week.

While Norman was so sick I was able to read a few books that I would to share with you all a little later along with some great recipes. 

Hope all had a good Thanksgiving with family and friends and that each one of you are looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus.

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