Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas is a special time when families gather around the Christmas tree and our family is no exception. Christmas Day found us all at my mother's house anxiously waiting for everyone to arrive so that we could open presents and then sit down to a wonderful meal. Somehow Christmas is always better when there are little ones to watch tear into the gifts that Santa brings. While everyone loves the gifts they get I think my children enjoy their Christmas stockings the best. 

We have a small family compared to some of my friends - there is my sister, her children and grandchildren, my mother, my brother and my family. Fortunately, we all live within an hour or so of mother's house so it doesn't take long for everyone to arrive.

My sister and her son, Devon.

Her daughter-in-law and little baby Casey.

Her son, Ryan.

Ryan's fiancee, Grace. They have set a date for November.

Lynley and her boy friend, Blake (with baby Casey).

Her grandson, Austin.

Kathy with baby Casey.

My mother (wouldn't you know it she turned her head to look at one of the great grandchildren just as I snapped her picture).

The older cousins having a private talk.

Miss Casey and Miss Wesley (the youngest cousins) are only a few weeks apart in age and seem to be happy to spend time together. 

Tomorrow I will share some pictures of my family. 

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