Thursday, December 23, 2010


Late Monday I received a call from one of our long-time friends with a "deal" that I just couldn't refuse. I was invited to view the Christmas lights in our town along with 13 other people. The catch was . . . it would be from the air and in a vintage plane. (My daughter had a fit - she wanted to know who would be flying the plane, how long had they been a pilot, where we would be going and to make sure I called her the minute we landed. That tickled me since it sounded like something my mother would do). I think they said the plane was a C-47 but I couldn't really hear for all the noise.

The take-off was delayed for about 25 minutes because one of the seats had broken during the last flight. They finally decided it couldn't be fixed but since we only had 14 people in our group we were able to take-off on our adventure.

The inside of the plane was decked out in Christmas lights. Notice the wonderful, attractive gear we had to wear over our ears on the take-off and landing due to all the noise the old plane made.

We were in the air for about one hour and let me tell you it was well worth every minute. Downtown Fort Worth dressed in holiday lights was absolutely beautiful and so were some of the residential areas in FW and Arlington (I didn't get any pictures of those).

What a wonderful way to spend an evening with friends.

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