Friday, December 17, 2010


Last weekend was our Ladies Christmas Brunch for Oakhurst. Every year the brunch is held at a different home in our neighborhood. This year the brunch was held in one of the most gorgeous older homes. The two story home was built in the 1920's by a very weathly family and it is located on a huge lot surrounded by old, old trees, flowers, vines, gardens, etc. 

Our hostess, Frieda, (she is the one of the left) had every corner of her lovely home decorated so beautifully.

The dining room table was loaded with good food that had been provided by each lady attending. I really wish everyone had brought along  their recipes to share because everything was delicious.

Frieda and her husband had just had their kitchen remodeled and she was thrilled to be able to show it off. It was a great place for everyone to hang out and visit.

I adored the Christmas decoration, especially her collection of Santas. They were everywhere. She told me that she had been collecting them for years and that many of her friends and family would give them to her as gifts. Lucky woman.

Love these knitted ones. Aren't they precious!!

The staircase had the most beautitful garland wrapped around it and it sparkled with tiny white lights.

The ladies in my neighborhood are so nice and everyone looks forward to this brunch.

It is wonderful to live in an area where our ONA is active and has wonderful activities planned, not only for the ladies, but the whole family.

Don't you just love getting together with friends, family and neighbors to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

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