Thursday, December 9, 2010


We finally finished decorating the Christmas tree yesterday. The little man and big girlie were a huge help. They actually did most of the decorating - the big girlie would get an ornament and say, "hang this one up high, Lyly". Luke discovered the ornament from Disney World (my son brought it back for me) and is fascinated with Mickey Mouse - he even says "Mickey" when he shows it to everyone.

While it isn't the way I like my tree to look, I still take pride in the fact that my sweet little grandchildren helped me.

After finishing up the tree we had to make Christmas cookies. I cheated by buying Pillsbury Christmas cookies with a snowman, Christmas tree and reindeer on them. Kylie decided her cookies would be the Christmas tree and Luke wanted the snowman (keeps down the tears and fits when each one has their own).  They each got a cookie sheet so they could place his/her very own cookies on them - now came the waiting for them to bake (Luke was a little impatient and didn't like the fact that they had to go into the oven). Afterwards they just had to sample their fabulous cookies. And, of course, they had to take some home for Mommy and Daddy to eat.

Nap time is a true blessing at my house and afterwards it is milk and cookie time, then off to brush their teeth. Both children love to brush and would do it several times a day if you would let them. Guess that comes from having a great uncle and great aunt who are in the dental profession.

I don't know why but they are fasinated with our shower. They love to play in it. Wow - think I had better get that shower door cleaned before they decide to visit the shower again.

Target had some adorable Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Train kits so I picked up one of each. The children have been wanting to make them and with tomorrow being Friday I promised them we would make either the Gingerbread House or the Gingerbread Train.

I will probably regret doing this and I am sure there will be a few tears shed over who gets to do what but we will have fun anyway.

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