Thursday, December 30, 2010


Families love being together at Christmas and mine is no exception. We love the time we can spend with each other, the food, the friends, the season, celebrating the birth of Jesus. After Norman's family Christmas Eve get together I attended the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church along with my son and his girl friend and what a blessing we received. Then Christmas morning it was up early to stop by my friend David's house to pick up the fried turkey breast that he does for us every year and on to mother's for the day.

The tree was waiting patiently, with all the presents piled up under it, for the children to arrive.

I had gotten a doll bed from Ikea, painted it white and made a pillow, comforter and sheet so that big girlie's dolls would have a place to sleep.

The little man got a basketball set from Santa.

Don't you love the Fancy Nancy dolls? The big girlie sure did (notice that their hair matches). She even received a "Fancy Nancy" outfit for herself and immediately wanted to put it on.

She liked to play like she was nursing her "My Little Pony" and even tried to be a nurse to her little brother - who didn't want any part of that.

While the little girlie just wanted to get some sleep.

My son and his girl friend.

Here is my family (me, my daughter, Erin, and her husband, Doug, and the grandchildren, my son, Eric, and his girl friend, Amy). By this time it had been a long day so we decided it was time to have our picture made around the tree while the little ones were still in a semi-good mood (although the big girlie didn't want any part of having her picture made).

While it was hard for me to celebrate Christmas this year after losing Norman last month, I rejoiced in the other ones we were able to celebrate together and to know that one day soon we would all be together with our Savior in heaven where we could celebrate the birth of Jesus for eternity.

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