Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today was the first day of school and everyone was very excited about going. We picked the little man and girlie up from their house and, with a kiss for baby Wesley and the car loaded down with all their things, we were headed to school.

But before we could leave the house the little girlie just had to pose with her new lunch pail.

She was very good about carrying all her things and she sure looked like a big girl as she walked to the building. My first thought was "it won't be long before she will be going to a real school".

She just looks so grown up.

The little man was so excited that he was pulling his Papa along . . . as to say "hurry up Papa I can hardly wait".

Once inside the scene changed. The little man went right into his room and started playing while the little girlie clung to me, screaming and crying. I knew that once we left she would be okay and I was right.

They had a wonderful time and when I asked the girlie about her day she told me all about the play area and how much fun it was. While the little man's teacher sent a note home saying what a happy boy he was and how much he enjoyed chapel time where he sang and clapped.

They can hardly wait to go back on Thursday.

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