Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday, Monday . . .

Yesterday the grandchildren and I went down to my mother's house to help her put together a carpet steamer she had purchased a few weeks ago. Of course the first thing that the little dude does is touch everything in the house and open every door of every cabinet in her kitchen.

Next they love to spend time with my brother who is confirmed to a wheelchair after he had a stroke a few years ago. They especially like to pretend they are turning his wheels and the little dudette even likes to go behind him and push him along.

He is so patient with them and loves to have them come visit.

Of course, the morning was not without any incidents . . . the little dude was bothering his big sister so she decided to take a bite out of his finger. While she had to go into time-out, he was being consoled by his great grandmother.

Don't you just love kids.

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