Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thoughts for today . . .

Today I was sitting in the living room watching a hummingbird drink from our feeder and thought about how happy it makes me . . . watching him/her puts a smile on my face and brings a joy to my day and then I thought about all the moments in my life that have made me smile, laugh, cry, scream, proud and wondered about each of those moments.

I think about all the "moments in life" that I didn't take the time to notice things around me or to stop and call family or friends to say hello and to tell them I loved them. What if I hadn't taken the time to stop for that moment and have coffee with a friend who has become the love of my life? I once read someplace that "moments are simple yet powerful short spans of time that offer unique encounters on all different levels. Some are more special than others but yet they are all important." I never realized how much I loved living in Colorado . . . the beauty of a beautiful autumn day or the snow that covered the ground in winter or the crisp cool summer mornings . . . until I moved back to Texas. I never thought about losing a family member and how much I would miss them until I lost my father to cancer five years ago. What about the wonderful fun, carefree days of high school and college? What will you realize after something is gone from your life? Hopefully we will all learn to seize the moments in our life before they are gone forever.

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