Friday, August 20, 2010

T G I F . . .

This week has been a hard one. It has been so hot here that the little dude and dudette can't get outdoors to play, take walks or anything so all we do is either stay home or go swimming (twice this week).

So on Thursday I decided that we would do something different. The girls would make some chocolate chip cookies and my little helper was delighted. 

However, as you can tell she ate more chocolate than we put in the cookies.

While the little man decided he would lay on the living room floor and read a book until . . .

He couldn't stand that the girls were having more fun than he was so he decided to join in and, you guessed it, a little disagreement took place so off to take a nap for them both.

Almost every day that mom comes to pick them up the little man has a hard time. He hates getting into his car seat and isn't afraid to show you just how much.

Papa finally was able to get him buckled in and off they went until next week.

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