Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WHAT A DAY . . .

After spending yesterday going to doctor appointments with Norman we welcomed the grandchildren early this morning. They spent yesterday playing at their little friend's house and must have been very tired from all the fun they had because they weren't their usual active self when they arrived . . . but it didn't take long for the little man to come to life.

You have to understand that before they arrive for the week I move everything out of his reach; however, today I forgot to move one thing that was very important . . . the liquid crayons.

I guess he thought he needed to add a little color to his face or else he was trying out his artistic abilities . . . who knows. As you can see he is pretty proud of himself and his accomplishment.

We are busy getting supplies for the Mother's Day Out they will be attending. I took them to the store to let them choose their lunch pails, of course, the little girlie had to have a fairy one but the little man could have cared less. We have had to order the nap maps and they should be here this week - just in time for the first day which is next Tuesday.

Everyone is getting excited and can hardly wait.

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