Thursday, August 5, 2010

Morning activities . . .

Almost every morning around 7:30 two adorable children come to our house for the day. As you can see they are always willing to help their Lyly get breakfast started.

We love having them stay with us while my daughter and son-in-law are at work. What a wonderful opportunity we have to teach them about Jesus, sharing, helping others and then to share some fun times with them.

On July 25th my son fly to New York to participate in his first Ironman which was held in Lake Placid. For those of you who do not know what the Ironman is I will explain. It is a race that consists of swimming for 2.4 miles, riding a bike for 112 miles and then running for 26.2 miles (all in the same day). He had been training for one year and I am happy to report that Eric finished in 13 hours, 28 minutes and 8 seconds. We are so proud of him!!!

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