Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TLC's Four Weddings . . .

Our church has different areas in which one can volunteer to help. I chose to volunteer to help the wedding director at the different weddings being held there. One day last week we received an email asking for more volunteers for an upcoming wedding which would be held on Friday night. This wedding was going to be featured on a TV show called "Four Weddings" and would required more than just the usual one volunteer per wedding. The program is broadcast on the TLC network and since I had never seen or heard of it I was interested in volunteering to see what it was all about.

The show asks that four brides attend each other's wedding and rate each wedding in 4 different categories. The couple with the highest wedding rating would win a fabulous 5 star honeymoon. For this wedding the Main Sanctuary would be used for the ceremony and the Small Sanctuary for the reception. What an experience this was. The Main Sanctuary was very simple, all that was used were candles but the reception was something to behold.

One of the church members is a wedding planner and donated her time and a lot of the beautiful decor items you can see in the pictures. She worked magic and set the stage for a wonderful time for the bride, groom and the guests. Since the bride and groom were young (19 and 18) they decided to go with a theme that would work for the "young crowd".
There was a Candy Station,

a Cookie Station,
a Milk Station,
and, of course, the Food Station.

They also had a Photo Booth and a Drink Station where lime water, cucumber water, sweet tea, raspberry tea and lemonade was being served. The cakes were beautiful but the groom's cake was really unique . . .
a guitar and amp.

It was a very late evening but very rewarding to be able to help this young couple. Win or lose may they have many happy years together.

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