Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My mother's 84th birthday was Friday and, since most of us work, we celebrated with a family birthday party on Saturday. Everyone was there with the exception of Nicole, Devon's wife, who was home with their 11 day old baby girl, Casey.

It is hard to believe that Mother is 84 because she sure doesn't act like it. She not only takes care of my brother (he lives with her) who is confined to a wheelchair due to a massive stroke but also has a very active social life with all her "single/widow" ladies in her church. They are always going someplace for lunch or shopping.

The great grandchildren love going to her house because they get to play in the big yard, play with all the pretty things she has and get to eat all the yummy food.

Of course, our big girlie had to rearrange Beejee's pumpkins and . . .

the little man and his cousin just had to run in and out the front door.

The two cousins had to share hugs (several times). They don't get to see each other very often since Devon and his family live about an hour away but when they do they have such fun together.

My nephew, Devon, is on the left and my son, Eric, and his girl friend, Amy, enjoyed watching the kids run, hug, scream and just have a fun time being outdoors and together.

Later the two performed a duet to a Journey song while the adults tried hard to keep from laughing.
Grace, my nephew Ryan's fiancee, had a close-up view of the performing duo.

While my niece, Lynley, and her mom (my sister) and brother, Ryan, tired to keep from laughing.

While everyone was watching the kids play, Lynley and Blake were busy in the kitchen getting drinks and food set up. Someone had to do the work.

By the way, look at the big girlie's put together look.
With all the noise and excitement going on our little girlie just took it all in resting in her cousin, Lynley's lap.

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