Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last week my daughter and the children went down to my mother's house to spend the afternoon. Every year at this time there is a pumpkin patch in the town next to where my mom lives and the children love to go visit. So off they all go - great grandmother, mother, and 3 little ones to have some fun.

The kidos love all the pumpkins and scarecrows. There is even a huge slide that they enjoy going down time and again.

Our little man is always smiling and loves having his picture taken -- that is if you can keep him still long enough.

While big girlie just likes being a little lady.

And then there is the little girlie that just sleeps away.

Looks like my mother was having a hard time steering the wagon while the little ones are just happy to be pulled around.

My daughter said that she thinks the owners felt sorry for her with all the kids so they gave her 3 pumpkins to take home. Maybe it does pay to have several little ones.

Don't you just love fall??

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