Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Bless my mother's heart she and a friend of hers is hosting a luncheon for some of the single/widow ladies in their church and she needed a floral arrangement for their table.

She had found a cute iron basket at TJ Maxx and wanted to me put something together for her in my spare time. Last week, with the help of the big girlie, I was able to find some things at Hobby Lobby that I could use. So on Friday afternoon while Norman took a nap I decided to get started. I really enjoy doing things that are crafty and require a little bit of artistic ability.

As you can see I made a huge mess on my dining room table but that is the price you pay when you do floral arrangements.

I think it came out okay and hope that the ladies will enjoy it.

Now for an update on Norman. We went to his first chemo treatment today and was there from 8am to 2:15pm and then hurried over for his first radiation treatment. Chemo will take about 2-3 hours one day a week and radiation will take about 5-8 minutes five days a week. Both treatments will go for six weeks with time off around Thanksgiving so that he can (hopefully) enjoy the good food.

There are so many people around the country praying for Norman and calling to check on his progress. We are so blessed and know that no matter what God is in control of this situation.

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