Friday, October 22, 2010


Last night we driving home from dinner and when I looked up at the night sky I saw that there was a full moon. I just couldn't resist taking a picture since it brought back memories of all the scary movies we used to watch. I can remember that everytime something bad was going to happen they would show a full moon. I don't know it just reminded me of those movies and since it is close to Halloween I thought how spooky it was.

Anyway, the other day I was at a doctor appointment and looking through a magazine called "family fun" when I came across a darling idea for a front porch decoration for Halloween. They are called Cagey Ghosts and are made from tomato cages. I think I will try to make them for the grandchildren to use next year.

Aren't they cute? I have also included the instructions on how to put them together. It looks really easy to do.

I think that kids would adore them and besides they would be really darling on a front porch.

Maybe next year, for sure!

Next week Norman starts chemo (one day a week) and radiation (five days a week) so we will be busy with that. Then the first of November my daughter is back to work so we will really have a lot going on with Papa and grandchildren.

Have a great weekend.

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