Monday, October 11, 2010


The first time Norman was in the hospital I could see from the window in his room a corner of what looked like a little garden that I had no idea existed. The next week when we were there the window in his room actually overlooked this lovely little garden area. Naturally I was very curious as to what it was and how it got there - so I set about trying to find out.

One morning very early as I headed down to get breakfast there happened to be a young girl at the information desk so I stopped to see if she could help me. She told me exactly how to get into the garden and that I should really go see it for myself . . . so I decided to explore.

I found out that it was a meditation garden that was established a few years ago when the new heart center was built and that the garden was open to anyone. What a wonderful oasis this is for family members to get away from all the sickness and noise of the hospital and be able meditation and pray for the well-being of their loved ones.

As you enter the Morris Meditation Garden you see a plaque honoring the couple who sponsored the garden along with a verse from Ecclesiastes 3.

The garden itself is surrounded by a stone wall. Inside these walls are two waterfalls that spill into a wonderful pond (I was told that the pond was full of fish last summer but with the usually cold winter we had this year the fish didn't survive).

The garden has an abundance of native trees, flowers and shrubs that thrive in the Texas heat and nestled into some of them are selected verses from Ecclesiastes 3.

There are benches scattered throughout the area where family members can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful garden.

There is a lovely statue standing in a corner of the garden that I found fascinating. It is of a beautiful young woman studying a bird that has landed on her hand.

Once you enter the rock walls you can't help but feel a calm and peace and with all this beauty surrounding you it is no wonder you may want to linger for awhile . . . read a book, eat your lunch or talk to God.

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