Tuesday, October 12, 2010


No matter what time of the day or night (unless it is really, really late in the evening) it is really hard to find a parking spot in the hospital parking garage. One day I had to leave to run a few errands and, of course, I lost my wonderful spot right by the elevator. Upon my return I had to park on the 10th floor - actually on the top floor of the garage and just above me was where CareFlight lands bringing patients to the hospital.

I had never had to park that high up but once there I discovered the most wonderful view of downtown Fort Worth and vowed that the next time Norman was in the hospital I would take my camera, drive to the 10th floor and make some pictures. So I did just that this last time he was there.

I used the lens that could capture most of downtown but then I decided to change to the lens that would bring the buildings much closer.

As I stood there looking at downtown I couldn't help but think about my grandparents who died years ago and wondered what they would think of all the changes that have been made to our hometown.

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