Friday, October 8, 2010


Last year I decided to join the Oak Cluster Garden Club which is a garden club for the women in our neighborhood (Oakhurst) or women who formerly lived in Oakhurst.

At the end of the year I signed up to do the program for the month of October not knowing what would be in store for us. I have a friend, Philip Combs (no relation to Norman), who is the owner of Philip Combs Designs and asked him if he would be willing to do a presentation on tablescapes. Little did I know at that time where the meeting would be held and much to my delight find out that it would be at one of the most beautiful homes in our area. The owners had purchased a lot across the street from our neighborhood park and built a home that would fit in with the older period homes in our neighborhood.

Claudia always decorates the front of her house so cute.

She has pumpkins everywhere and the most beautiful flowers. She and her husband did all the landscaping and since she is a Master Gardener she was able to use her knowledge of local plants to design a garden and yard that withstands all the Texas heat.

Even their backyard is filled with flowers, trees and vines. It is so welcoming and you want to just sit down and take it all in.

They have a covered patio which features a big screen television and a fireplace. How nice for those cool evenings in the fall and winter months.

Philip, of course, wowed the ladies with his presentation and, to the delight of everyone there, left behind the three beautiful arrangements he had made so they could be used for door prizes.

Seeing all the beauty in their yard made me want to rush home and do some demolition in our yard . . . but that will want till much, much later (if ever).

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