Thursday, October 7, 2010


Our little big girlie turned 3 on Friday so a birthday celebration was in order. We had a family party Saturday afternoon and, of course, you have to decorate for the big event. I had decided how to decorate the table (with her mom's permission) and spent the few days before Norman went into the hospital to get everything made/purchased/collected so I would be organized.

You know it - everything had to be a shade of pink.

Her mom made the birthday celebration banner and the big girlie loved it.

When you love pink you just have to have a pink birthday cake.

She loved the trike that her great grandmother got for her and so did the little man. There will be some serious issues over sharing.

Kylie and her uncle Eric.

The little man tried to explain to his great grandmother that he wanted more popcorn and M&Ms and she tried to explain to him that he needed to eat something more than just "junk" food.

Every big girlie needs a tea set and thank goodness Grace and Ryan came through.

Our family (minus a few) . . .  my sister, my mother, my son and his girl friend, Amy, my daughter and son-in-law and the little ones.

The little man wasn't very happy sitting in his Aunt Mel's lap. He is way too busy for that.

All-in-all a fun day was had by all.

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