Thursday, October 21, 2010


My daughter is the most fabulous mother. She is always doing something fun with the kids and encouraging them to try new things. The other day I walked into their home and music was playing really loud. Mom, the little man and big girlie were dancing up a storm. It was fun to watch the kids try dance. The little man has the rhythm but the big girlie, not so much.

A couple of weeks ago Norman and I were in Costco and just happened to stumble upon a Haunted House kit so we decided this would be perfect for the grandchildren to put together. Last Friday they decided the time had come to get it done.

Mom had to put the house together while the big girlie decorated it with candy and the little man tried and tried to just take some of that candy off the house.

As you can see he finally succeeded in getting a mouthfull.

Both kids were so anxious to tear up help they could hardly keep their hands off the house candy.

Almost finished. Just a little bit more to do and then . . .

Finally, the time has come to pose with the finished product. I think that everyone had a great time - what fun!

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